Thank you for the book recommendations. I thought I'd read most of the books out, not sure how I missed either one of these, but I'm on it!

I'm post-menopausal and I can't say symptoms get better; they just get different. I think the biggest tragedy is not being able to get help. You can be armed with knowledge but if treatment is unavailable, it's like holding a gun without ammunition (maybe not the best analogy).

I've had almost every one of the symptoms mentioned, and many are still lingering without relief.

Exercise is the biggest help I've found, but I have to be so careful, injury can set me back months to over a year, and I'm certain this is partially due to the system changes in testosterone and progesterone.

Treating the changes is both a science and an art. Functional medicine (for me) has been the key. Mainstream medical has been more of a detriment than ever a help. (Recently my doctor prescribed an anti-anxiety and a sleeping pill—taken together will kill me—no mention of this, ever. He told me to be responsible with the meds... huh??)

Thank you for being the Substack voice in this arena, your work is valuable and much appreciated.

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I'm about your age (born in 1969), and I'm grateful I feel I got good support for the menopause transition. The peri phase was when I had the crazies and completely unpredictable, strong symptoms that disrupted daily life—and at that time (7 - 3 years ago approx) I felt more in the dark and less supported. When I reached nearly a year past my last period, and my hormonal chaos went to flatline and my estrogen plummeted, I got on a low-dose (.025mg) transdermal patch of Estrodial (bio-identical estrogen) and 100mg daily of progesterone. It's made such positive difference. I feel normal, less achy/creaky in the joints, and clearer-headed. Thankfully the message got through to me, through talking with others and my doc, that if menopausal hormone therapy is right for you, then it's better to start it earlier rather than later to feel its benefits.

Exercise and better nutrition—and for me, cutting out wine—also are essential for getting through these phases better. Thanks for spotlighting the issues and getting us to talk!

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