Having recently retired…..I find myself a bit untethered and just hopping from one thing to another. I often miss events or forget to do something important because my calendar is disorganized. It would be wonderful if I had planned my perfect day BEFORE I retired……but it’s never too late!! I’m ready for that workshop……sign me up!

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Oh this is good. It's difficult fro me to imagine my perfect day. I love the ocean and the beach. I love warm and cold weather. Fresh fruit, veggies and freshly caught fish are a dream come true. Pine, I love pine, but I love palm trees too.

I work best in the morning. Optimally afternoons are for working out and socializing.

My husband and I have completely different rhythms. We both compromise and it works okay, until it doesn't. We love spending time together. But we like different things. One activity we have in common are games, cards, board, dice, etc. It's all good until I can't sit anymore and I need to move, really move around, like a bike ride, swim, or a hike. He likes sailing, walking, and biking.

Luckily we both pretty much love the same food.

We've only been married for little over two years. It's my first marriage (married at 62). I love being married. It's been really difficult for me to adjust to primarily sedentary ways. He is a long-distance truck driver so when he's home I give up a lot of "productive" time.

I do have the opportunity to get into a "routine" for 5-9 days at a time, and then back to 3-4 off routine.

My perfect day would likely be living in mid to Northern California... I don't think that's an option in this life-time. But I'm remaining optimistic. We are currently in Michigan but one never knows when serendipity or opportunity might present.

This is a great read. I'm asking my husband to sit down and work on this with him when he comes home this next time. Thank you!

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Great article! DeAnne❤️

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