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The LIFT is a weekly health + wellness newsletter that…

  • helps women over 50 rethink their approach to health, beauty & aging.

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Hi! I’m Karen Friend Smith, a holistic nutritionist & clean beauty advocate specializing in helping women over 50 rethink their approach to health, beauty + aging.

For many years, I published community magazines + newspapers. Today, I am incredibly passionate about this stage of life + the choices we have to make as women during a time that feels like a fork in the road. What will we carry forward with us? What will we leave behind? About who we are. About what we will do during the second half of our life. The legacy we want to leave.

And more importantly, the choices we have to make about how we will love ourselves + find levity in our lives as we age - even with all of the changes this stage brings.

This newsletter is a place to explore + talk about all of the changes that hit us at this stage of life - emptynesting, physical challenges, aging skin, reinvention, identity, finding your voice, living the life of your dreams + knowing your legacy.

While we are taught to be ‘anti-aging’ - let’s start the conversation about ‘pro-aging’. Let’s celebrate not only where we have been, but where we are going. Together.

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Lift your heart + mind + spirit + body because let’s be honest - gravity is real. Let’s start using it to our advantage.

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