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I'm in week number 48. Every week I publish. It started out with a big bang. Now I struggle. I can't seem to find the topics easily like I did in the beginning. Is it resistance? Or is it that I struggle for inspiration? I don't know. But I made a promise to myself that for 52 weeks in a row I was writing and publishing. It's my first online writing attempt. 90% is showing up. The other 10% is doing the work. The problem is I can't simply schlepp through and leave it at that. I try my best to be of value somehow to someone. That's the hard part. No idea what's going to happen after May 8th. Will I sign up for another year? Leave this off as an experiment that I started and finished? Or, will I rise to the occasion and see writing through and make it a public part of the private me?

Stay tuned; Steven Pressfield was spot on, and I can't stand him, but he said it best.

I wish for you the best, also... writing is a tough job, especially when you have a conscience.

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Congratulations Patti! That's a huge accomplishment! No matter what you decide going forward. It is hard work all the way around - showing up, doing the work, creating value, being of service - and fulfilling promises to yourself. Again, congratulations on seeing it through and staying curious along the way. Keep me posted!

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